Ispiravit et labora!

The revolution we were waiting for

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he introduction of Smart Working, aimed at meeting the needs of the pandemic emergency, has deeply changed workers’ habits but is still generating a lot of confusion and doubts. Parminder Kaur’s eBook, Smart Working Revolution, was born from the idea to create awareness on the right tools to use and how to integrate them within the corporate environment.

Both the company and the collaborator can, in this way, benefit from this opportunity that focuses on everybody’s growth.

It involves measuring the results to manage the workers in the best way possible, because it worked during the Covid emergency and it definitely still works today.

How can we evaluate a collaborator who is not present in the company’s premises?
This can be done by means of objectives, that have a specific function: to define the goal that needs to be reached by means of a clearly identified and designed route.

The clearer the objectives are, the better they can be achieved, keeping in mind that specific moments must be created to compare, collaborate and check the work done in order to complete the above mentioned evaluation. The company must be able to involve its workers in its own project, explaining the vision, the mission and sharing its values. Aligning oneself with these values is an excellent way to create a proper route for the collaborator.
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The working tools and programs used are provided by the company, that must take care of the quality and security of its data. Nothing needs to be left unattended because the company’s know-how is a treasure to be protected in everyone’s interest.

The most important concept to be implemented, though, is to TRUST the worker and viceversa, as the company’s expectations are high, but at the same time there can be the risk of loosing talents or precious collaborators. Trust is the element that can empower and make the workers autonomous, leaving them free to use their own method.

It is widely known that diversity creates added-value anywhere. An excessive control is useless because a collaborator who feels trusted and gratified with his own work will pay the company back just as much.

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mart Working is a process that starts from the company itself, providing dynamic workstations and creating smart environments in the corporate facilities. There is room for everyone: meeting rooms for collaboration or concentration, spaces for aggregation but also for entertainment and to detach the mind from the routine work.

This is the revolution we were waiting for and it is taking place in this specific period in time: we must simply become part of it because it’s the change we want to see in the world, in the challenge to find the right balance for everyone, both companies and workers!