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elcome to the world of LABORESSENTIA, a blog and community that attempts to reach the absolute essence of work, improving the quality of our professional environment, our relations and performance to feel statisfied and in harmony first with ourselves and then with others.

The process of transformation that is necessary for our evolution is made up of different stages that, one after the other, represent our individual and collective truth, through our interaction with other people.

During each stage, we collect experiences that transform our internal and external worlds. Achieving a balance means reaching a state of perfect harmony with these continuous changes.

A state of being that reaches the Quintessence.

Marcella Uttaro

Born and grown in an international environment, Marcella worked for more than twenty years in the foreign economic diplomacy network in Italy.

With her experience in business development, marketing, communication, events and strategic partnerships she supports firms with their international trade and investment projects.

Her passion is to look for new ways of doing things, creating networks and synergies, generating ideas to connect with the world.

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