Ispiravit et labora!

Skills to the utmost

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hinking “out of the box” is what they teach us to do when we want to look for an innovative and creative solution. If we apply this concept to the education sector we find Beyond The Box. It is a platform that matches traditional training with the support of experts, who make themselves available with their experiences and multidisciplinary skills, by means of virtual one-to-one sessions.

The result achieved is skills to the utmost!

Beyond The Box is an innovative startup that was born in Milan from the idea of the two founders, Aleksandra Maravic and Massimo Ciccarone, to utilise their extensive working experience with Italian and international small and medium-sized firms. They developed a solution that enables all companies to access the skills required to grow and all professionals to share their know-how in a simple, flexible and inclusive way.

The initiative emerges from the awareness that even if firms provide training, their staff lack the specific skills and information needed to carry out their work. 74% of corporate projects are blocked because employees don’t know how to do their job and they often do self-training online in order not to admit their limits.

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Thanks to the matching algorythm, Beyond The Box provides a meeting point between the firm and the professionals that have the solution for them. 

With videocall sessions of 20 and 40 minutes, in order not to interrupt the work flow, employees can update their skills in a discreet and personalised way directly on the platform.

More than 2,000 experts have joined this initiative, making their specialisations available in a totally autonomous and serene way, empowering companies and enriching people’s knowledge.

Social media, tools and technologies, access to foreign markets, business development, human resources, administration, finance and control are only some of the skills available on the platform.

With the rapid evolution of skills, it is impossible to be constantly updated on everything. By sharing them we can grow, saving precious time.

So, let’s work Beyond The Box!