Ispiravit et labora!

Ritratto primo piano di Parminder Kaur con scritta tipo firma sotto su sfondo pesca pastello e cornice turchese

arminder Kaur, People Operations Manager at VoipVoice, Indian by birth and Italian by adoption; loves traveling, Van Gogh’s art and Sherlock Holmes’s observations. She works in the telecommunications sector and, with her company, supports Italian enterprises in their digital evolution, introducing VoIP and last generation connectivity. Processes, soft skills and optimization are her daily bread and butter. She is the author of the ebook “Smart Working Revolution” that explores these themes, which she is passionate about, to improve her working life, as well as other people’s.

How do you divide your time, between work, private life, hobbies and passions?

With the right balance, between relaxing mental breaks and intense work, while focusing on my hobbies and dedicating quality time to my five-year-old niece.

Have you found a balance?

Yes, because I love my job and am happy to do what I’ve been doing on a daily basis for the last thirteen years.

Where do you spend most of your time when you are working?

Partly in our company and partly at home (75%-25%).

Describe your ideal condition when you are working.

Colours, music of the ‘90s and 2000s. Sometimes with colleagues and other times in total silence.

What helps you give your best?

Wanting to do something useful for others and discovering new things, that I still don’t know about. Therefore, a lot of curiosity.

What aspect would you improve?

I am stubborn, this is something I can definitely work on.

What is stimulating you most at this moment?

I can’t wait to meet people in my new role, making employees who are already in the company feel good, future travels that I have planned…

Indicate a place that has particularly inspired you.

My village, when I was in India.

Un cane addormentato su una via in un villaggio indiano
Una donna vestita in arancio e verde cammina di spalle lungo una via in una cittadina indiana
Piede di donna che sta seduta su un muretto di un giardino indiano