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Increasing productivity doesn’t mean working more

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aving a lot of things to do and results-driven work are two different things. We are always running around afflicted by the thought of having to finish everything we have on our agenda. Achieving an optimal level of productivity is often only associated to proper time management. But actually, the point is that we need to manage to coexist with the fact that we will never be able to get everything done.

Our daily life is made up of constant distractions: telephone calls, e-mails, notifications, information flows and all types of demands.

We need to choose and not give in to these continuous calls to action.

Identifying the different levels of attention we have during the course of the day (proactive, active and inactive), also depending on where we are, we can divide the actions we need to carry out by order of priority and concentration required, saving time and energy.

By mapping out projects and actions and organising tasks in different categories we can create a second brain that records and keeps track of what we should be doing, avoiding an information overload that creates stress and anxiety, leading to uncertainty and procrastination.

Graham Allcott is a trainer, social entrepreneur and founder of Think Productive who lives in Brighton, in the UK. His book “How to be a Productivity Ninja” is an eye-opener.

It teaches us how to learn to work in a more effective way.

The author indicates how we can acquire the characteristics of a Productivity Ninja, with tools and techniques that allow us to reach a state of calm-like zen enabling decisions that have real impact.

Being a Ninja means protecting your time, developing proactive attention, focusing only on things that really matter, avoiding to get involved in any activity that passes our way.

A Ninja is agile, practices camouflage if necessary, listens to inner thoughts and emotions and listens to others. A Productivity Ninja is prepared and knows exactly what needs to be done immediately and what can wait, keeping everything under control.

Analyzing the process of what we do teaches us to love our job. Improving the way we do it makes us more motivated and involved.

Graham analyses the reasons why we get stressed and makes us understand how we can overcome this feeling through preparedness, mindfulness, ruthlessness and stealth.

So, become a Ninja and get started!

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