Ispiravit et labora!

Roaming around the Collio, between country trails and a glass of Ribolla

foglie tigrate verde scuro e chiaro in primo piano

ollowing the soft rolling hills and admiring the scenery of the Eastern part of Friuli Venezia Giulia is a pleasure without boundaries. The Collio was suddenly divided at the end of the Second World War but today you can move from Italy to Slovenia without even realizing.

Viticulture is the predominant element that characterizes the landscape and the native varietal, the Ribolla Gialla, is this territory’s pride.

This is the land of the “Orange wines”, obtained by leaving the white grape skins to ferment in the juice instead of removing them.

The maceration enables the release of the pigments, aromas and tannins that characterize the chromatic and sensory elements of these wines. An ancient tradition with a new flavour. Many wine producers challenged the established order and embraced this way of producing wines, without introducing too many external substances during the cultivation and preservation of the product. Gravner, Terpin, Radikon, and Movia are only a few.

Thanks to the cooperation between local enterprises and institutions, a network of services is available to ensure stimulating experiences, either on foot, by car, renting a taxi bike, e-bike, Vespa or even, simply, by booking a guided visit.

The itineraries are many. You can follow the trails leading towards the mountains or valleys, visiting abbeys and stopping at inns, wine bars and cellars. You can go towards the sea starting from Gorizia, Cormons, Gradisca d’Isonzo and Palmanova and arriving at Monfalcone, Duino and Grado.

The maps indicate monuments, castles, churches, sanctuaries, fortresses, natural parks, observation points, but also places where to stop, stay and taste some local specialities. Osvaldo’s raw ham, produced since 1940 by a small butchery in Cormons, was a revelation The ham is smoked using a traditional method imported from Eastern Europe, using cherry and bay woods and aromatic herbs passed on from father to son; the secret of its unique taste.

Entrata del resort La Subida, con vista sul parco esterno e terrazzo con tavolo e sedie in ferro battuto
The subida resort
The rooms
camera con tavolo, sedie e un tappeto con pelle di mucca
The lodgings

a Subida Resort, in Cormons, is a magnificent place to stay in the middle of the woods and on the foot of Mount Quarin, in the flatter part of the Collio, 3km from Slovenia’s border. It’s an eco resort with 408sqm of photovoltaic panels, electric service car, a 250kW biomass station and an independent plant for wastewater phytoremediation.

The constructions are designed with an organic concept, developing over an area of 8 hectares. Guests are surrounded by nature, oak trees, ferns, heaths, wooded and pasture meadows. There are stables and the “Sirk” cellar that produces vinegar from whole grapes using ancestral methods.

l'area esterna con biciclette del resort La Subida

The starred restaurant “Trattoria Al Cacciatore”, welcomes you with a revisited traditional cuisine in front of the fireplace (the ‘fogolar’), with great attention for detail, while the tavern “La Preda de La Subida” offers a more informal atmosphere. The resort also has a swimming pool, playground, ancient church, library in the woods and pic nic area. The lodgings are studied to ensure that guests relax and are in contact with nature, with possibility of booking holistic massages and treatments. Breakfast can be served at the Trattoria, in the homes or in the garden.

giardino con tavolo e panche di legno al tramonto
gallo dietro un recinto
frantoio in pietra esterno ai piedi di un albero

Different trails and walks originate from here, such as the ‘Vigne Alte’ (the higher vignards) leading to the Spessa Castle or the one that takes to Piana del Preval (the Preval plain) with a view over the hills of Brda. You can go right up to the top of the Mount Quarin, where on clear days you can observe the sea, or take a stroll through the vignards of Pradis.

There’s all you need to spend unforgettable days in the open air.

An excellent destination to have fun, rest, work in tranquillity and enjoy the silence of nature.

Adora et labora!