Ispiravit et labora!

The tranquillity of a walled vineyard

Green vineyard inside ancient walls and a Venetian house in the background.

enissa…the name itself is an inspiration. A mystery to be unveiled, a hidden promise, a difficult past and a success reached with the stubbornness and enthusiasm of an enlightened entrepreneur.

The Venetian lagoon has some small, hidden islands that are still not so disturbed by mass tourism. One of them is Mazzorbo, connected to Burano by a wooden bridge (Ponte Longo). Here you will find little coloured houses, artisan shops and tiny bridges over canals.

The typical enchanting Venetian atmosphere in miniature.

Behind the 14th century bell tower of Sant’Angelo, where there once was the Church of San Michele Arcangelo and a large religious complex, you can find an ancient vineyard surrounded by medieval walls erected to prevent from flooding.

Intrepid was the work of the Bisol family, who came here to invest from the Prosecco lands in order not to loose the vineyard and especially the native varietal, the Dorona – the golden grapes of the Doges (ancient leaders of the Republic of Venice). The vines risked extinction after various floods that devastated the territory. An extreme phenomenon and a heroic cultivation, that have given the wine its unique organoleptic characteristics.

Venissa welcomes you with a cosy, neat boutique hotel, a starred restaurant and a more relaxed tavern, which all serve fresh products from the orchard and the walled vineyard.

Cartello di spiegazione di Venisse, una vigna murata su un palo di legno con direzione verso il ristorante e l'hotel e campanile nello sfondo.
Fila di una vigna nel verde con rose rosse che crescono a salgono sui pali di legno che reggono le vigne.
Stradina nel verde all'imbrunire che dirige verso l'entrata del ristorante stellato Venissa con luci bianche ai lati.

From Mazzorbo, you can explore the other less known islands of the lagoon, such as Sant’Erasmo, that can be reached by boat or with the vaporetto. Once there, you can rent bicycles and tour the island, stop and eat the typical violet artichokes and buy wine from other pioneer winemakers of the lagoon.

Vista del canale della laguna dall'interno di una porta murata antica.
Vista canale e laguna veneta su isola di Sant'Anselmo con barchetta che naviga in primo piano.
Canale su isola di mazzorbo con vista molo e case colorate.
Gatto che cammina su una pedana di legno tra piante di carciofi.

he harmony is empowering, the mind starts to yawn, lengthwise and widthwise, ready to receive the emotion of the surrounding atmosphere. Light, shadow, water, air and all the shades of green.

A unique, timeless place to relax, work and find inspiration.

When the sun sets, silence falls while waiting for the new day to come.

Ispiravit et labora!