Ispiravit et labora!

Finding ourselves, breathing the ocean

foto scattata da una barca a vela al tramonto, con vela in primo piano

raveling is more than just a geographical adventure; it's an opportunity to explore the depths of our soul. When we immerse ourselves in new places and cultures, we find the chance to challenge ourselves, discover new aspects of our personality and reflect on who we really are. Far from monotony, traveling offers the silence that is necessary to listen to our inner voice, which often gets lost in routine.

The sea emerges as one of the most powerful contexts for this journey of self-discovery. With its vastness and depth, it becomes a metaphor for our existence. Braving the waves and sailing through uncharted waters strengthens our individual path.

Contemplating the infinity of the ocean connects us with our vulnerability and our inner strength.

The sound of the waves crashing on the shore, the salty breeze caressing the skin and the changing colours of the sea at sunset stimulate our senses in unique ways. These profound sensory experiences can awaken dormant emotions and stimulate creativity, paving the way for better self-understanding.

The sea, with its seemingly infinite vastness, offers spaces for constructive solitude. During these moments, away from the crowd and distractions, we can confront our deepest thoughts. Solitude becomes an ally as we ask ourselves who we are and what we truly desire. The constant rhythm of the waves and the cyclical nature of the tides teach us the importance of balance in life.

Through travel and contemplation of the sea, we learn to adapt to changes, to flow with life and find an inner balance that contributes to our well-being.

In his book “Il respiro dell’oceano” (The ocean’s breath), a trip around the world on a sailing boat during the times of Covid, Lorenzo Cipriani recounts his sailing experience of a year and a half as skipper. The challenge was to participate in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, the famous round-the-world trip starting from the Caribbean and was planned to last three months, but it turned out to be an Odyssey due to the sudden outbreak of the pandemic.

Milanto is the boat that takes Lorenzo through this geographical, cultural and existential journey passing through Martinique, Santa Marta, the Azores, Fiji, the Galapagos and Polynesia.

Observing people, differences, injustices, hopes and beauties of society.

Lorenzo Cipriani al timone della sua barca a vela
Lorenzo Cipriani al timone della sua barca a vela
Lorenzo Cipriani alla decima edizione di World Arc
Lorenzo Cipriani in barca a vela al tramonto

he sea is vividly described in all its conditions, even extreme ones, both calm and agitated. We feel as if we are there on the Milanto with him, challenging the waves, observing and meeting the characters who accompanied or crossed paths with him on this journey.

Sailing is a free journey, a quest to discover ourselves and others, just like our life and working is part of it. For Lorenzo, these two aspects are the same thing.

Lorenzo Cipriani con la chitarra
Lorenzo Cipriani in posa namasté