Ispiravit et labora!

Where meditation takes us

a hand holds a dandelion flower against the background of a sunsetting sky

inding our internal strength and connecting with it helps us develop, evolve and take care of our spiritual wealth. It is important to dedicate time to meditation in a systematic way, in a place where we feel comfortable, at our ease in a favorable environment that is adequately detached from the noises produced by society and the activities surrounding us.

Let’s close our eyes, breathe and relax. Let’s imagine that we are at the entrance of a cave where we see a ray of light that attracts us inside. As we enter in we feel at peace, protected by our same strength.

This is the place where all the knowledge we have acquired in our lifetime is kept and we can go there when we like.

If we explore the cave we will find things or it will lead us elsewhere. Let’s go on and follow our thoughts, or just stay in this place and enjoy some internal peace. If we have any questions this is the moment to ask ourselves and wait until we get some thoughts or see some images.

In this moment we are at the centre of all things, in the heart of our wisdom. Let’s make the most of it and when we’re ready we can go out, open our eyes and continue breathing and feeling relaxed. Our body, mind and soul are in harmony.

We reach our best results when we are totally ourselves, spontaneously. By acknowledging our fears, accepting them and learning from the lessons we learnt when we discovered them, we can eliminate them because we will be calm and balanced.

una ragazza con cappello di lana di spalle mentre cammina nel bosco con riflesso del sole tra le foglie
ragazzo con occhiali e codino medita al tramonto in un campo
sassi disposti uno sopra l'altro in una spiaggia sassosa
due gabbiani volano sulla riva del mare al tramonto

et’s try and understand if we have some beliefs or decisions related to our capacity that limit us. As we acknowledge them let’s accept them and turn them upside down, to see where they originate from. Our thoughts influence our behaviour and our state. If we change our physiology, we will also change the way we feel.

ragazzo visto da dietro in tenuta sportiva con felpa e cappuccio cammina lungo una strada asfaltata vuota

We can use some small techniques to help us breathe better. While inhaling, let’s count to four and then, exhaling, count to five continuing this cycle for at least one minute or until we feel calm and relaxed.

Let’s place the palms of our hands on our stomach, below the belly button, and let’s feel the warmth penetrating through the skin from our hands. Let’s imagine that at every breath we take, some warm energy is transmitted and travels through the rest of the body. Let’s try and perceive if there are some parts of the body that the energy cannot reach and ask ourselves why. Let’s breathe in deeply until that part receives our full attention and is released.

Let’s now consider the space behind our eyes. Let’s breathe and transmit the warmth towards this part of our head. How do we feel?

Let’s imagine the energy that enters the head and that carries away all the worries, canceling all the negativity. Let’s inhale the energy and imagine it coming out from the top central part of the head, like a beam of light that goes upwards. Let’s allow the energy to flow as we breathe. The light joins the universe.

parete rocciosa con cascata e vegetazione
parete rocciosa in un bosco
donna seduta a gambe incrociate davanti ad una vista sui monti al tramonto

We can feel lighter when our attention is focused and moves upwards Each breath can help establish a balance between the body, mind and soul. Our same energy helps us feel better, find peace and a new vitality.