Ispiravit et labora!

A more intimate relationship with our home

sun setting with rays seen from a house on the sea

ave we ever considered our home from an emotional point of view? Have we tried understanding the type of energy that it contains to create a balance with ours?

There are people who dedicate themselves professionally to these aspects, that may seem superficial but they influence our emotional wellbeing every day.

They are called “house healers” or “house whisperers” and they use techniques to help us establish a connection with our homes, measure the energy in the existing infrastructure, an energy that we found or that has accumulated with time, to neutralise the negative one and create an experience of complete comfort that accompanies our lives.

The “house healer” Sandra Kendrew invites us to understand the vibrations that led us to choose our home (the beauty of the road, brightness of a window, verdant garden).

What is the thought that comes to our mind when we are turning the key of our front door?

If our sensations are totally positive it means we are in full harmony with our home but if we feel some uneasiness, even in only in a few rooms, there could be some incompatible energies.

The “house whisperer” Suzi Morris heals sick buildings and transforms them into bright, hospitable homes by locating areas of geopathic stress and encouraging energy flows.

Negative energies can be caused by previous residents, distortions of electromagnetic waves, interferences (Wi-Fi, bluetooth, cables). These can be neutralised with essential oils (rose, frankincense, lavender, sage), plants (lily, African violets, spider plant) that clean the environment.

After having eliminated the negative energy we can add positive energy with lighting, adequate colours in different areas, candles, bells that ring out and break up stagnant energy.

Facciata di una casetta in Cornovaglia
Parete di casa di pietra con porta di legno color verde con disegno di due gatti e due gufi neri
Una porta di casa di legno color carta da zucchero con degli aeroplanini di carta dipinti sopra
parete di edificio con street art di un uomo di spalle su una scala che tiene in mano un palloncino composto da graffici coloratissimi

hat does our home say about us, our life, our story? Our home becomes our shelter only when our emotional relationship is completely aligned with it. Let’s think of ourselves, of what we really want and let’s surround ourselves with things that bring us joy.

cottage caratteristico in inghilterra

According to the “house whisperer” Christian Kyriacou, behind the entrance door of every house there is the story of the life of each person who has lived there. In order to make a transformation we must think about our spaces in relation to three major aspects of our life: health, richness and relationships.

esterno di una casa in un paesino del Molise con parte della parete dipinta con un castello e dei fiori
finestra di una casa in cornovaglia con una decorazione di galline
Porta di casa di legno con targa ocio al can

If we want to live well in our home we need to treat it as if it has a soul and a body and not only walls and a roof. Let’s open our heart to the secrets it guards.

Who knows what surprises we can find…