Ispiravit et labora!

How to transform our spaces and work well

modern open space house with a wooden table and coloured chairs, striped carpet and in the background a white sofa set with coloured plates

reating an office in our homes has made us rethink the way we live and work in our spaces. Our homes have changed roles to include working needs even for non-free lancers. How have we organized our spaces? Have we paid enough attention to the wellbeing of our mind and body? Have our office tools taken over?

We don’t all have ample spaces that can accommodate our new needs so let’s look for solutions that are modular and can transform our home into a place where we can live, sleep, interact, share, take shelter and even relate with nature and, above all, where we can express our own identity.

Preparing an adequate and comfortable work station in our home requires some considerations.

Each space of our house should be well-designed and dedicated to a specific purpose or activity.

Our work space can be arranged in different areas according to the type of task we are carrying out. This helps us change position and break up the various moments of our day, organizing our program and making use of all the different environments that the home offers. This way, we can really unwind when we take a break at lunch time or when we have finished working.

Spazio lavorativo minimalista, tavolo legno rotondo, sedia bianca, tappeto bianco, parquet, lampada in alluminio e piante
Due sedie in vimini con comodino all'esterno di una casa bianca con finestre azzurre, piscina davanti e palma

Digital predominates in our meetings, the way we organize our work, new technologies, physical space becomes always more flexible to account for change.

Our new work space must, above all, be: attractive (to stimulate us and keep up the motivation), efficient (ensuring comfort and functionality) and effective (offering a customized arrangement to meet both the professional and domestic needs).

When we have problems with concentration, sometimes our minds have too many things to think about and we are not able to put them in order of priority, not knowing where to start. If we have an area of the house dedicated to meditation and awareness this will help us to empty our head, avoid distractions and restart with more focus.

Let’s observe our house, look for spaces that we normally don’t use and that can become relaxing corners. Let’s take care of them and make them useful and unique. We can use colours, candles, fragrances and a few objects that make us feel good and give us a feeling of calm, making sure there is no clutter.

Sedia grigia tonda comoda con cuscini su sfondo bianco, parquet, pianta grassa, lavagna nera appesa e comodino legno
Libro blu su comodino in legno con porta fiori in vetro e fiori gialli a pallina accanto a un divano blu con sfondo parete celeste

omfort and functionality are the two objectives that designers are pursuing. New elements of consideration have become part of our culture, such as flexibility, technology, sustainability and inclusion. The search for aesthetic harmony and self-fulfillment, at the centre of all human beings’ aspirations, has shifted from the social sphere to the internal one of our homes.

Cristiane Parisi, Designer and Creative Director of residential and commercial environments, plans solutions that can meet these new needs.