Ispiravit et labora!


talian and Brazilian Interior & Product Designer, Creative Director, Cristiane lives in Turin but works on projects all over the world, both residential and commercial. With her style and design ability, she can create unique atmospheres making the most of what each space can offer.

How do you divide your time, between work, private life, hobbies and passions?

My family is spread out across three countries: Brazil, Italy and the United States. My projects are not always in the country where I live (Italy). I have just finished a project in Brazil and have other two in Portugal My greatest barrier is the difference between time zones.

I don’t actually have specific working hours. I observe work disciplines. I read a lot, do ample research, go to as many art and design exhibitions as possible and speak to different people. Diversity, in my opinion, is the most enriching input. Not having mental barriers that regard race, gender and social status is one of the most important things I inherited from my multiracial family of immigrants.

Since I travel a lot for work I like to change environments, people, cultures and gastronomy. While traveling I indulge in my favorite hobby, photography. I take a lot of shots so I match work with play. .

I listen to music all the time. Especially when I am creating a project. Music connects with my creative side and keeps me focused, while refining my sensitivity. Psychology helps me to understand what clients need, while they are explaining what they want.

camera letto arredo design cristiane parisi
Custodio Serrao by Cristiane Parisi
Relax by Cristiane Parisi
Colours by Cristiane Parisi
Style by Cristiane Parisi

Have you found a balance?

I have found my balance with philosophy and psychology I read Nietzsche, Freud, Jung, Aristotle, Proust, Bertrand Russell but even Oscar Wilde and Shakespeare, whom I consider two great masters of human nature.

Where do you spend most of your time when you are working?

At home, creating. I need to connect with all my feelings and potential. During this phase I need to be alone. Before, while I am researching, I go on the ground and get in touch with other people and places, exhibitions, museums, parks. My brain needs to absorb everything that comes across my radar. I am a great observer.

Describe your ideal condition when you are working.

Solitude. To access my greatest sensitivity and creative potential, I need to be alone and have my own space.

What helps you give your best?

I check everything… even the details.

What aspect would you improve?

Sometimes I have difficulty in giving space to people who work with me, because I am too confident on the level of visual harmony and the capacity to create synaesthesia I reached over the years.

What is stimulating you most at this moment?

Having started working again, after a two-year break. I see a great will to reinvent the way we live, become more spiritual, to return to our origins and appreciate the simple things that are really important. This is beautiful and reflects directly on the way we create design.


Indicate a place that has particularly inspired you.

A place that has always deeply inspired me is Milan. Design in Milan is innovative, free and has a visual harmony that I don’t find elsewhere. The Italian sensitivity respects concepts of eco-sustainability and social inclusion that, in my opinion, will be the pillars of humanity’s development because they impose respect for nature and human diversity.