Ispiravit et labora!

Precious drops of wellness

Pipetta contagocce e boccetta di olio essenziale su sfondo chiaro con erbe

ssential oils are a natural choice that help us discover the benefits of nature and find relief from our health issues every day. They are obtained directly from plants, extracting the aromatic molecules that can be dissolved in oils to produce blends that facilitate relaxation, are antiseptic, calm tension, increase positive feelings, ease circulation, soothe pain, improve memory, help concentration, give energy and produce many other benefits.

They are applied directly on the area of interest, both by massaging (diluting a few drops in a carrier oil), by inhaling (diffuser, bath or shower base) or even (if edible) by adding a few drops to water, herbal teas or food.

Let’s remember they are experiential products!

To fully experience the aroma of an essential oil, or blend, simply place a drop of pure oil on the palm of the hand, warming it and rubbing the oil between your hands and then inhaling the oil essence by closing your hands in a cup-shape around the nose.

They can be applied on the face or skin, adding a carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil) and spreading with movements going upwards and externally to reach the lymph nodes and the neuralgic points of the body, eliminating the toxins.

cristalli di incenso fuoriescono da un cpntenitore su un piano
chiodi di garofano in un piccolo contenitore
cardamomo dentro e fuori una ciotola che poggia su uno sfondo verde smeraldo
  • Oregano: this essence was used since ancient times for its immunizing and purifying properties. It also has various antioxidant benefits and acts on our emotions since it helps remove blockages and negative sensations. It is also called the oil of humility because it helps us detach from material things and let go to the spiritual dimension, indulge in feelings such as flexibility and availability to learn.
  • Cloves: this oil helps us break free from limits and from a feeling of victimhood. If we feel too biased by other people and by external circumstances that make us feel helpless, inhaling the clove oil helps us to be more proactive and feel able to make our own choices, independently, reconnecting with our personal integrity.
  • Frankincense: is one of the most precious oils, because it has important regenerating, anti-inflammatory and immunostimulant properties. Its aroma is warm, spicy and clean. It is often known as the oil of truth, offering relief, strengthening the immune system, alleviating feelings of uneasiness, helping to balance out hormones during life changes, favoring general wellbeing, improving the quality of sleep and improving concentration.
  • Cardamom: for emotional support when we feel frustrated or angry, cardamom oil helps us regain our objectivity, mental sobriety and self-control. Sometimes rage becomes intense and can make us lose our mind. This fragrance helps us to break these emotions down and feel responsible for our own feelings again, making us feel calmer and in peace.
boccetta di olio essenziale poggiato sulla scrivania accanto al portatile

ssential oils are a real quintessence of nature, they represent the joy of life of every plant, that is able to act synergistically on the body, mind and spirit increasing healthy frequencies and achieving a state of optimal health.

Olet et labora!