Ispiravit et labora!

Ritratto primo piano di Marina Fabozzi con scritta tipo firma sotto su sfondo rosa pastello e cornice gialla

arina Fabozzi, born in Milan and studied in UK, has been working in the immigration and relocation field for over 25 years. She has an international and global background, providing a full range of destination services to people who travel for work and relocate to Italy or other countries and require assistance for visas, contract negotiations, work permits, residency, house search, shipping and customs, schools and translations. She works with fashion houses, multinationals, Consulates and free lance professionals. She covers all the cities of Italy and assists also for the outgoing expats.

How do you divide your time, between work, private life, hobbies and passions?

Everything is organised in slices, like a cake. You enjoy it’s taste with the same passion.

Have you found a balance?

Yes, because I do everything with passion and joy.

Where do you spend most of your time when you are working?

At home listening to music.

Describe your ideal condition when you are working.

Music, coffee, observing my plants on the balcony.

What helps you give your best?

Having fun, whatever I’m doing.

What aspect would you improve?

Getting angry with myself if not everything is perfect.

What is stimulating you most at this moment?

I am trying to restart well, treasuring the lessons learnt during the Covid period, when we realised how fragile we are.

Indicate a place that has particularly inspired you.

The sea with its waves.

Scrivania bianca con computer, e blocco notes nero con luce e pianta su sfondo bianco.
Scritta neon illuminata corsivo che dice: "You are what you listen to" su sfondo muro mattoni scuro.