Ispiravit et labora!


abio Albani started his professional experience as a mechanical tools agent. An experiential journey in South Africa motivated a drastic change in his life and he decided to dedicate himself to importing South African wines to Italy. He launched Afriwines and, with passion and repeated trips to the Winelands, he searched for new labels to add to the vast selection of his online shop Vini Sudafrica. The wines offered can be chosen by type, area and grape variety with suggestions on pairings and information on the wine estates. When he travels to South Africa, Fabio makes sure he goes windsurfing, his passion. He has recently become a dad and has always less time available.

How do you divide your time, between work, private life, hobbies and passions?

I try to fit everything in, making sure I dedicate as much time as possible to my family and my hobbies, even though it is not easy having multiple activities.

Have you found a balance?

Not yet, even because life is continually evolving.

Where do you spend most of your time when you are working?

In the office or around, meeting clients.

Describe your ideal condition when you are working.

Having appointments with clients who give value to our products.

What helps you give your best?

Thinking positive.

What aspect would you improve?

The financial one, with a lighter tax burden…

What is stimulating you most at this moment?

My family.

Indicate a place that has particularly inspired you.

Cape Town!

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