Ispiravit et labora!

How to be original and inspire creativity

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ave you ever doubted whether your idea was actually original? In the book “Originals” Adam Grant, after having conducted ample research analyzing concrete cases of people who have proposed new ideas and solutions to improve cultural and commercial life in society, identifies factors of success that have made these ideas become real, innovative projects.

An interesting aspect is timing. We could think that original ideas are developed quickly and placed on the market with the same rapidity, to avoid simulation.

Original ideas are not conceived quickly…

Indeed, the author’s findings show that in most cases these are the fruit of meditation, procrastination and waiting for the right moment, both on behalf of the inventor that comes up with the idea and the audience that receives and needs to assimilate it.

The book teaches that the most promising ideas start with something new and then add familiarity to make them acceptable and practical. Instead of taking for granted that other people share our ideas and convincing them to embrace our principles, we should present our values as a means to pursue theirs. It is difficult to change other people’s ideals, we should rather connect our objectives with the values we already share.

Adam Grant explains what we can do to pursue our innovative ideas and make them grow without putting them aside. Because an “error of omission”, which means giving up saying or doing the things we really feel, brings more regret with respect to an “error of commission”, which represents the consequences and the risks that can occur while carrying them out.

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