Ispiravit et labora!

A new category of travelers

Computer laptop sul tavolo aperto, piante, borraccia e schermo aperto con scritta: work hard from anywhere

orking from home has by now become an ordinary practice for many. If we don’t have specific reasons that tie us to our city, why not change the scenario? There are many destinations we can choose from to venerate beach life, reap the benefits of the sea, explore wild nature, visit lakes, cities or historical sites that enrich us with new experiences.

Many countries that live on tourism have decided to offer long term visas for a new category of travelers: digital nomads.

All we need is adequate technical equipment and the assurance that we can be available and connected wherever we go.

The requirements are simple: medical insurance, proof of the long stay, declaration of subsistence from work originating from another country.

In Mauritius it is called a “Premium Travel Visa This allows you to live and work remotely in the country for up to twelve months, with possibility of extension. Sandy beaches, turquoise waters, tropical lagoons, virgin forests hiding waterfalls. Here you can stop time to focus on your goals and enjoy the climate, the attractions and the hospitality of the local people when you want to chill.

The Barbados islands have introduced the “Welcome Stamp Visa” to encourage tourists to stay up to twelve months in this Caribbean paradise. Many work spaces have been opened and there are residential solutions for different budgets and preferences. Those who can afford a visa are welcome and can bring their families and employees with them.

parete rocciosa con cascata
spiaggia tropicale vista dall'alto con palme spiaggia con sabbia bianca e mare turchese

he government of Bermuda has launched an annual residency programme named “Work from Bermuda Certificate”, that allows the self-employed to stay on the island with unlimited entries and exits. You can take advantage to work in the mild climate, stay at the ocean-view lodgings, discover new itineraries and go shopping in the small town of Hamilton.

vista dall'alto su arcipelago verde lussureggiante e mare cristallino

Estonia offers an e-residency and a “Digital Nomad Visa ” that allow you to live and work remotely in the country, both as an employee of a foreign company and as self-employed or holder of your own business. Between a meeting and the other you can explore woods, fairytale forests, baroque palaces, splendid orthodox churches as well as Tallinn, the capital city, and Tartu, the cultural city.

If you wish to dive into the heart of the Caucasus, Georgia has dedicated a platform to foreign freelance workers who wish to apply for a special visa. You can live and work in the territory for at least six months.

donna che lavora davanti ad una vetrata con vista spettacolare
vista su baia marina con rocce sotto le fronde di un albero
casa su collina in Georgia con montagna innevata
uomo con cuffie davanti ad un monitor visto da dietro accanto a finestra con vista

Even Dubai, the rich megalopolis in the desert of the Arab Emirates, has launched a programme to host remote workers.

Many countries of the world are opening up to this new form of tourism: Anguilla, Antigua, Bahamas, Australia, Cape Verde, Cayman Islands, Columbia, Iceland, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Mexico and Thailand, to name a few.

In Europe there are: Germany, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Romania and Norway, among many others. There is really so much to choose from!

Let’s remember to collect all the information on requirements to obtain the visa and eventual medical restrictions in force.

A good practice, before planning the trip, is to get in touch with the Embassy or Consular Office of the country or rely on a specialized agency.

It is now possible to live and work where you like, matching your travel passion with work. You just need to get organized.

So, let’s get started, itinera et labora!